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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Welcome to Relativistic Observer

Things are moving fast, very fast. Take some time to see the thin and thick of it all, condensed into one relativistic soup. Dilate your mind and contract your focus to the future. What matters is energy, while our health is central to surviving the lightyears. Technology enables us to do more with less. Without creativity there is no point to existence at all.

I, Mark Zimmer, am a generalist. I claim some expertise in technology and creativity. I have enabled people to do more with less by creating Painter. I live in California.

You may see, from time to time, posts about my past. Maybe some new music I have written. But mostly here you will be able to observe the quickly changing world around us, some world events, and what it all means for the future.



  1. ColorStudio died for one good reason: Letraset decided to get out of the software business and as a consequence Adobe ate our market. When John Forbes of Letraset informed me that Letraset USA was exiting the software market, ColorStudio (our pride, joy, and sole means of support) lost momentum against Photoshop, its main competitor. ColorStudio was in limbo, not being sold. We were incentivized to create our own product, Painter, and our own company, Fractal Design, with Marketing, Sales, Operations, and all the typical baggage a software company came with in those days of box delivery to brick-and-mortar stores. True, we did get ColorStudio back after a year or so, but by then Photoshop had captured the market with scanner bundles and even tablet bundles. Our only chance was to create a new market - the artist market - and we literally did this in the coming years. But imagine a world where we were just competing with Adobe, a company with far greater resources? So, in retrospect, it was lucky I had been working on Painter in secret for six months when this all came down.