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Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Songs

This post has seven of my songs embedded in it, hosted by soundcloud.

By the way, mysterytrain is my soundcloud handle in case you wanted to scan for future postings or follow my songs. I'll be putting some more recent things up too, and some not-necessarily-finished stuff. Just so you can get an idea what I'm doing musically these days.

Hope you like 'em!

Tagman is a song with a catchy rhythm about a guy that flies a spaceship and stakes claims on mineral-rich asteroids. It's about someone who's the best. It has a nice descending-bass refrain and a virtuosic bridge. It was written in March 2001.

Tagman by mystery train

The song I Know You Know is kind of an elegy to spymasters, with a heavy dose of sarcasm. It was written in December 2000. It features a lush piano part and sections with very heavy vocal overdubs. One thing I was trying out were actual tiny silences interspersed with the music, interrupting its continuity. It seems like it works to great effect.

I Know You Know by mystery train

Give and Take was written in October 2001. It is about a relationship that has descended into spy vs. spy but should be a love relationship. Like I said in the notes on soundcloud, I always wanted to write a song with a kick like this one.

Give And Take by mystery train

Forever is a love song that talks about unending love. It has kind of a haunting guitar part and it was written in April 2002.

Forever by mystery train

Wonder Why was written in January 2002 and is more of a jazzy kind of a song. It has an interlude where piano, bass, drums, and guitar do a jam. Although all 4 parts were actually recorded separately by me. It has one of the more complicated rhythms of all my songs.

Wonder Why by mystery train

Baby, I was written in November 2001. It is an experiment that has a pop song, interspersed with small classical interludes. And it has a few ironic lyrics to it as well. The chords in the refrain are classic rock chords all the way.

Baby, I by mystery train

Not Enough Time is quite approachable and poppy. The lyrics and basic melody line was written in May 1995 and produced up in 2000. I think you'll like this one.

Not Enough Time by mystery train

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